Blender Camera Tracking Test

A couple of years ago Blender added the ability to do camera motion tracking of footage to help in adding VFX into a recorded scene. Last year in between projects I decided to see what Blender offered. I downloaded a plate from and started the process of tracking a particular piece of footage. Motion […]

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Procreate for the iPad

Being a program junkie by nature, trying out all the latest design programs, it has been awhile since I’ve stumbled upon a great painting application. I tend to default to Photoshop for my digital paintings, only because I’ve been using the program for over a decade and know it like the back of my hand. […]

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Who Am I?

Hello my name is TJ Grant. I am the creative director for Burnley Brothers Productions. I have been a design generalist for 15 years, working on many different projects in the visual communication industry. This is my portfolio filled with both personal and work projects I have done over the years. My favorite part is […]

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