Motion Graphics – BIM Afterdark Promo

I had the opportunity to work on The Revitkid’s promotional teaser for the BIM. Afterdark. series. Check it out here: Here is some more info about BIM Afterdark: This is going to be a great series that Jeff has put together and if your an architect definitely check it out!  

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New Business Service

I’m making a quick little announcement that at the end of the month, September 2013, I’m officially launching a service for design work. If you are an architect there are going to be things that might be of interest to you especially in the visualization field. If you’re a start up or a small business […]

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Photoshop – Matte Painting

I got my geek on and decided to make a little sci-fi painting. I love doing matte paintings since they use a diverse range of skills sets to put it all together. From photo manipulation, 2d digital painting, and 3D modeling, and then blending it all together into one coherent image, the finished product really […]

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Water – After Effects

Last year I was working on a promo for a client and during some concept stages I created this “water” effect. This was done with the filters and plug-ins that came with After Effects, so no thrid party plugins were used. The client loved it and ended up using it in their promo. Since I […]

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