Motion Graphics

These are various promos and teasers I have created for products for both brands and game related content.

Agile VI – Promo

MTX iX1 Headphone product release. I created this for Mitek’s CES show in 2013

MTX Amps and Speaker – This is a film that I worked on with Tim Unglesbee  while I was at Mitek.

A product teaser for Innovative Electronic Designs 1500 Series.

This video was created in the Unreal Engine 4. A product teaser showing off BBP’s material presets for game developers.

An example of futuristic GUI’s I worked on. This particular sequence I created is for BBP’s demo reel to show of thier capabilities to produce these screens for films, television and game related content.

Ties over Louisville – A fun personal project I did over the weekend. In anticipation of the Star Wars 7 coming out this year, I decided to create some TIE fighters protesting that they don’t want the overuse of Lens Flares like on the new Star Trek movies. I’ve always wanted to do something with Star Wars so I figured putting them over my home city of Louisville would be fun.

A simple character animation scene. I wanted to test out MODO 801’s character animation capabilities and dynamics simulation. A very short but fun project!