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T.J. Grant

What some of my clients have said about me:

“TJ is one of the most visually, technically gifted individuals I know. He has the rare gift of combining art with technology that produces effective results. His work does not disappoint and I’ve had the privilege of not only being a client but a friend as well. I believe his work speaks for itself but I am happy to give TJ the highest recommendation I can.”  – Steve Peak, Architect

“TJ is a fantistic artist. I was able to give him a photo I wanted to have a painting done for my husband’s birthday present. He asked me a couple of questions and totally understood what I was looking for — even in my lack of knowing how to communicate what I wanted. He did a great job, fairly priced and would totally hire him again to do another painting.” – Amanda Edlin, Account manager

“While many digital artists tend to master only one medium, TJ is a rare exception, effortlessly blending traditional painting and fine artistry with the most advanced photo-realistic rendering abilities I’ve ever seen. I also know TJ to be an individual who can truly be relied on in times of urgency. I give him my highest recommendation.” – Andrew Clark, Corporate Environments Designer at Derse