3D Visualizations

The Fuji Film project I received from Derse. The requirement was that they needed some highend renders for their concepts for Fuji Film’s trade show booth. I converted their 3D Studio files over to MODO and rendered them at poster size for their deliverables.

Concept 1_camera 2 Concept 1_camera 3 Concept 1_camera 4Concept 1_camera 1concept 2_camera 1concept 2_camera 2concept 2_camera 3concept 2_camera 4

Below are some various architectural and product renderings I’ve worked on for projects.

barrels_fullconcrete_room_1Drone_3SGStore_finalSculptor RoomMTX_headphone_colorsMTX_headphones   scene1r3engine_clear glass render1 portfolio6 automation_1