Burnley Brothers Productions


I’ve been meaning to update my blog with some good news. I have teamed up with my friend Bryan, who is a programmer, to start a company called Burnley Brothers Productions (BBP). It is a design shop geared towards the game, film and motion graphic industry. Being gamers ourselves, we were hit with the indie bug, and with decided to team up to create a game. Along the way we decided to turn BBP into design shop that focuses on creating promos, titles, end tags or whatever motion graphics a company may need for their projects. We are still working on the game, but its very hush hush right now. 🙂

Currently we have produced work for company called Agile VI, a system integration company. We created their promo and other branding images for their site and marketing materials.

Promo we created:

We are also working on materials to be used in the Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Autodesk’s Stingray that will help Architectural Visualization artists speed up their workflow.

Teaser trailer for our materials (rendered in the UE4 engine).

Check out our site for more information.