Procreate Pocket – Concept Painting On The Go

A week ago, I was about to switch sides and get a Samsung phone. I was tired of my iPhone, and getting tired of Apple products in general. I have found their recent hardware and software options somewhat lacking, so I was happy to hear that my contract was up and I could move on. Content and thrilled about getting a new phone I was side swiped by the beauty of a new app called Procreate Pocket for the iPhone. I use Procreate on the iPad but now a mobile version exists and my new phone purchase was quickly put on hold. I downloaded Procreate Pocket and was filled with happiness to know that it was nearly identical to the iPad version.

After I started a new document I was painting with the concept brushes – chalky, gritty concept brushes, throwing textures and values quickly across the page. Finally a painting app for mobile has truly arrived.

Navigation was simple enough to get through the app, my only wish is that they kept the layers button at the top when the phone is in portrait mode, but it’s only a minor annoyance.

The great thing about being mobile, is that I no longer need to carry an iPad around to use Procreate. Whenever and wherever inspiration hits me, I can load up Procreate Pocket and just start painting. Below is a painting I did while on the move during several errands throughout the day.

So now it looks like an iPhone 6 Plus may be in my future.Sith_Rancor