Photoshop – Matte Painting

I got my geek on and decided to make a little sci-fi painting. I love doing matte paintings since they use a diverse range of skills sets to put it all together. From photo manipulation, 2d digital painting, and 3D modeling, and then blending it all together into one coherent image, the finished product really […]

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Water – After Effects

Last year I was working on a promo for a client and during some concept stages I created this “water” effect. This was done with the filters and plug-ins that came with After Effects, so no thrid party plugins were used. The client loved it and ended up using it in their promo. Since I […]

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Blender Camera Tracking Test

A couple of years ago Blender added the ability to do camera motion tracking of footage to help in adding VFX into a recorded scene. Last year in between projects I decided to see what Blender offered. I downloaded a plate from and started the process of tracking a particular piece of footage. Motion […]

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