Procreate for the iPad

Being a program junkie by nature, trying out all the latest design programs, it has been awhile since I’ve stumbled upon a great painting application. I tend to default to Photoshop for my digital paintings, only because I’ve been using the program for over a decade and know it like the back of my hand. But for mobile options, I’ve been both content and dissatisfied with the offerings, until I downloaded Procreate. Goodness, this program pretty much rocks, in my humble opinion.

The feel of Procreate is an interesting one. If you’re used to digital painting, you’ll find that the way Photoshop works is similar to water-coloring, layering on values and textures. Granted you can add textures to brushes and get unique looks, but it still feels very “digital” as opposed to using traditional media.

Procreate on the other hand, I believe takes the best of both worlds.  On one hand, it gives the flexibility of digital painting, creating layers, adding blending modes, transforming layers and strokes. On the other hand the style of the marks and what you can do feels very traditional. Drawing with the HB pencil feels very much like a real pencil. Taking a wet oily brush to the canvas pretty much behaves similarly to the real life counterpart. Plus the fact you can create your own brushes using textures and settings makes for a very robust painting application. For instance I made a dry pastel brush which behaves and makes a stroke much like a dry pastel would make on rough paper, and blends just as nicely.

I highly recommend this app if you’re on the go, or just want to sit back on the couch or a Lazyboy chair and paint away and not feel like you’re tethered to the desk the whole time.

Here is a painting I did recently with the app.

The Box